It is the Piara Waters Junior Football Club’s (PWJFC) intention to provide a well-defined structure to deal with matters of grievance with the primary intention being to resolve and mediate rather than to confront, therefore this policy outlines in a positive and constructive manner, the parameters in which grievances will be dealt with to ensure the atmosphere is explorative and conciliatory.



It is at all times the PWJFC’s intention to provide satisfaction on all fronts and that no victimisation will result from such communications. This will be achieved through the promotion of an open and communicative culture in which all ideas, suggestions, problems, complaints or questions can be dealt with in a non-confrontational manner.

It is important to note that a grievance is “alleged’ until proven to be substantiated. All alleged offenders are entitled to the support of an independent person during the proceedings; such a support person is not permitted to speak on behalf of the parties involved but is there to provide support.

Any alleged “offender” has the right to know who has raised the grievance and the exact nature of the grievance, such persons have the right to a fair hearing, to a confidential process and the right to respond to the allegations.

Where parties need to maintain a relationship it may simply require that certain behaviours, which are seen to be inappropriate will cease, and resolution will be by way of conciliation rather than by delving into the substantiation of the details. Whether the alleged offender perceives that their behaviour is inappropriate or not they are encouraged to cease such behaviours.

In the event informal resolution attempts have failed, a more formal resolution of grievances may be deemed necessary. These include such instances as victimisation, an inequity in the status of the parties, allegations are denied or when the complainant has always wanted a formal procedure for resolution. In such instances, the most appropriate form of action is to approach the Club President or their delegated person.

The club and club member should do everything possible to ensure any grievance:

  • Is investigated thoroughly
  • Remains confidential; and
  • Is appropriately dealt with