Piara Waters Junior Football Club is committed to achieving fairness and equality to all members and teams. All requests for a specific team allocation will be given due consideration in accordance to this allocation policy. 

Junior Football and Auskick is all about learning new skills, team work and most of all having fun with your friends. If there is a friend that your child would like to be in the same team please email or by Sunday 17 February 2019. We will try to accommodate requests.  Sunday 17 February 2019 is also the cut off for players to renew their spot in their previous year’s team.

Definitions: PWJFC – Piara Waters Junior Football Club                   JCC – Junior Competition Council

Restrictions within the Policy

When considering team allocations, PWJFC cannot guarantee that all such requests can be granted.

Returning Members

All members returning to PWJFC from the previous season will be given priority within teams over new members, provided that their registration is completed and payment of fees are received on or before the cut-off date (17 February 2019).

PWJFC will endeavour to keep teams together from season to season providing that numbers are fairly distributed between teams within an age group.

If minimum numbers are not met with returning team members, the team will be disbanded and players will be redistributed into other teams or merged into one team at the discretion of the PWJFC coach coordinator and PWJFC Executive.

New Players / Existing Players Changing Teams

Existing players that wish to change teams from the previous season are asked to submit their request, in writing, at the time of registration. All requests for changes will be considered, however the club can only affect the change if team numbers permit and valid reasons are given.

New members will be allocated to teams based on team numbers with a view to maintain an even balance between teams within an age group. New members may also submit a team allocation request, in writing, at the time of registration. These requests will be considered and should team numbers permit, the PWJFC Executive will endeavour to grant the request.

Where teams within an age group are determined to be at capacity with registrations from returning members, new members requesting placement will be advised as soon as possible. The East Fremantle JCC encourages clubs in this situation to notify them of surplus players in an attempt to find placement for these players and assist clubs that are in need of further registrations to meet ideal team numbers within a particular age group. PWJFC will assist players where possible to relocate a club within our cluster that can accommodate an additional player.

Auskick and Junior Competition Placements

The criteria in selecting team placements for Auskick and Junior Competition takes the following points into consideration:     

1. School peer groups

2. Auskick team placements from the previous season

3. Team balance and numbers

3. Appointment of coaches.

All requests will be considered when forming teams. Completed registrations and payment of fees submitted on or before the 17 February 2019.